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Many employees have built successful careers at CenturyLink, growing with us as we have expanded to serve new markets with new technologies. We value the highest ethical standards applied to a positive work environment and seek out people with new perspectives as we acquire talent in careers that will support our continued growth.

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Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities

CenturyLink provides reasonable accommodation in job application procedures for qualified individuals with disabilities. If you have a disability that inhibits your ability to to interview for a position you may request an accommodation with your recruiter directly. Please note these methods are intended for use only by those applicants who need to request an accommodation in connection with the recruiting process due to a disability. If your request is not in regards to a reasonable accommodation, you will not receive a communication back.

Important Information

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all persons regardless of race, colour, ancestry, citizenship, national origin, religion, veteran status, disability, genetic characteristic or information, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family status, pregnancy, or other status protected by local or national law. We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination in any employment decisions, including recruiting, hiring, compensation, promotion, benefits, discipline, termination, job assignments or training. We participate in the A-Check Pre-employment Screening Program or the Electronic Employment Verification Program, depending on location.

CenturyLink is committed to Diversity. Learn more.

Equal Employment Opportunity Program (Federal Communications Commission 47 CFR Part 76)
FCC 396

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What browsers are supported by this application?

Browsers that are supported are: Internet Explorer 5x-7x for Windows, Firefox 2x (Mozilla) for Windows. Using any other browser will possibly distort the appearance of our site.

Q: Why do I need to create a CVCV profile?

You will need to create a CVCV profile to create job search agents or apply for a job. This will also allow you to come back to this site to apply for additional jobs using the same CV that you created, edit your information, create a skills profile, track your application history, review any offer letters sent to you, and if hired, you will be able to complete forms online needed in the hiring process.

Q: I've forgotten my password!

There is a link on the login screen labelled "Forgot your Password?”. Click on this link and then enter the email address you used when you created your CV profile. We will email your password information.

Q: Can a Microsoft Word CV be copied and pasted into the CV section?

Yes. Access your CV in Microsoft Word. Copy your CV by using the "Select All" feature in the Edit menu, or highlight the text you want to copy from the file and click on the "Copy" icon in your toolbar. Then press the “Ctrl” and “V” buttons at the same time on your keyboard to paste the information into the CV field.

Q: How many jobs can I apply to?

You can apply to all the jobs that fit your qualifications. Keep in mind that if you apply to jobs which you aren’t qualified to fill, the recruiters will see your information and may not deem you as a serious job seeker. You can apply for each job only one time.

Q: Can I change the answers to questions after I've completed it?

Your answers cannot be edited once they are completed. They are not timed tests, so please take your time to think about your answers before completing the questions.

Q: What types of Keywords produce optimum results?

Keywords are a matter of personal choice. If you are looking for very specific jobs, you can enter Job Titles as useful keywords, but if your search is more general, you may choose to enter Skills you may have, machines you can operate, software applications you know, or anything that is relevant to the position you may be interested in.

Q: How long after submitting my CV can I expect to hear from someone?

Once you submit your CV, it is made available to recruiters who specialize in matching your skills, strengths, and areas of interest. A recruiter may contact you if an open position matches your skills and background. Your CV will remain active in our database and will be considered for future positions.

Q: How do I know if my CV was submitted successfully?

If you are submitting your CV to a specific job, you will see a confirmation message that "You have successfully submitted your CV to the [specific] job". If entering your CV to the system, but not applying to a job, you will see a confirmation screen with all the information you entered during the submission process. You can choose to edit the CV profile if the information is incomplete, incorrect, or was missed during its creation.

Q: Is there any way I can fax or email my CV to the employer?

Typically, no. However, the company does have the option to display an email address, fax number or other application method on the job details page. If they wish to receive your CV in any way other than online, they will display a message to that effect on the job.

Q: What is a job search agent?

Job search agents are an automated way to search for a job. When you search for a job you select options and keywords describing your preferred job. You create a search agent by giving your combined selections a name and saving that set of criteria to our system. Every day, your search agent is compared to our job database to find possible matches, and those matches are emailed to the email address you have entered in your CV profile.

Q: How often do my job agents get sent to me?

The job agents that you create will search the database daily to look for jobs that match your search criteria. If your agent finds a job, you will receive an email with the job information you need and a convenient link allowing you to apply to that position.

Q: Why can’t I submit my CV to a job?

If you are having trouble submitting your CV to the system, check the top of the form to see if there is an error message. The error message should tell you which field has incorrect or missing information. Once completed, you should be able to submit your CV.

Q: I have already applied for a CenturyLink Job, why haven’t I heard anything?

Our candidate pools are typically quite large and very competitive and, as a result, the hiring process can take some time to complete. Qualified candidate CVs are routed to hiring managers for review and consideration. Depending upon their schedules, the selection process can take some time.

Q: Why wasn’t I hired or chosen for an open position that I applied for?

Candidate pools for open positions are typically quite competitive and very large. The recruiters work closely with hiring managers to determine how to pre-screen potential candidates for the job openings, including input on the qualifying questions. CVs of the best qualified candidates are routed to the hiring managers for review and possible interview. Hiring managers screen the CVs for the applicants whose experience and skills best match the job requirements. Those that do will be contacted for an interview. Helpful hint: When you apply online, be sure to include as much relevant information in your profile as possible to illustrate your qualifications for the position; that will help the recruiter and the hiring manager when reviewing qualified applicant profiles. If there are any questions about your background once you've qualified for a position, a recruiter or a hiring manager will be in touch with you at that time.

Q: If I have been tested and do not qualify on a test, how soon am I eligible to retest?

A candidate who does not qualify on a test is eligible to re-test in six months. However, the candidate will be retested only when considered for another opening.

Q: Do you still have questions?

If you still have questions regarding how to apply for current job openings at CenturyLink, please contact TBC